The Bloomington Highlands Subdivision HOA

Dear Homeowners,

We would like to address further some concerns regarding the proposed Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions document that governs our neighborhood. There are many reasons why we are taking the time to update our CCRs. Firstly, these documents have not been updated since their creation in 1999 and include extensive outdated and irrelevant information. The original developer of our neighborhood, Richland Construction LLC. is no longer in existence, making much of our document incorrect from a legal standpoint with the state of Indiana. We have made these changes based on legal recommendations from our Association attorney who is an expert in HOA law and ensures that we comply with Indiana HOA statutes.

As your HOA Board, it is our duty to ensure the neighborhood follows the guidelines. We are here to ensure home values are upkept and that neighbors are happy. We are here to ensure our neighborhood is safe for the many families, children and pets who live here. We are working hard for YOU! The Board members representing this neighborhood are homeowners and your neighbors volunteering their time for all of us. These rules and regulations affect us just the same as you.

Our ultimate goal in updating this document, aside from the legal necessity, is to make our CCRs reflect the way our neighborhood functions. The current restrictions are sometimes confusingly worded or more detailed than necessary; often feeling nit-picky or overbearing. We have chosen to make many regulations clearer or more lenient. Included is our simplified version of many notable changes. We did not remove any clauses from the current document, as we felt that if fewer drastic changes made, it would please the most people. We added only one clause regarding leasing and rentals. This addition was requested by many homeowners at the annual meetings. The aim is to protect the neighborhood from large leasing companies who could ultimately take over the HOA board and raise dues if they continue to buy and rent out a large number of properties.

The existing CCRs will remain active and enforceable as is until new ones are adopted through this voting process. We want this process to be beneficial to as many people as possible. The Board has spent many hours working on this document to ensure it is as fair as possible to everyone. We will be hosting an open meeting to discuss the CCR updates. Please refer to the newsletter and website for further information regarding the upcoming town hall meeting on Tuesday August 13th, 2019 from 7-8pm at Batchelor Middle School.


The HOA Board of Directors

Existing CCRs can be found here:

Proposed CCRs can be found here: Outline of the proposed changes can be found on the backside of this letter

Please follow this link for a simplified document outlining the proposed changes. Simplified document of proposed changes.

The HOA Board of Directors has adopted an enforcement policy regarding homeowners who are in violation of the CCRs. Please follow this link to review this policy. Covenant Enforcement Policy.