What It Will Take to Have Speed Bumps or Humps in The Highlands

A recent post on our Facebook Page about a speeding car that did not come to a full stop at a Stop Sign in our neighborhood has triggered a huge response/reaction from many. We are very grateful for the engagement of residents and homeowners on this matter.

speed bump


If you strongly believe that Speed Bumps or Speed Humps are needed in our neighborhood, then we will need your active help (lots of time and a ton of effort) to make that happen. In Monroe County, which our roads are under, it would mean that 70% of the voting residents of our neighborhood would have to agree to it.

speed hump


Are you willing to work on gathering signatures for such a vote? Are you willing to attend meetings with the Monroe County Traffic Commission to get this done? Are you willing to help conduct informal traffic studies of our neighborhood with a radar gun during high traffic times? Are you willing to volunteer with the Speed and Safety AdHoc Committee? Then, email contact@bloomingtonhighlands.com

To give you an idea of what this would entail, here is one article that spells it out for all of us.