Sidewalk Extension Project

The Bloomington Highlands has been working in conjunction with Bynum
Fanyo, Tom Wininger, and Monroe County to have a sidewalk built connecting
our neighborhood to the Clear Creek Trail. The trail will extend from the
existing sidewalk on West Hennessey to the Clear Creek Trail along Rockport
Road. Currently, we are in the process of getting permits approved by Monroe
County, and we expect the sidewalk to be paved by the end of the summer. We
would like to especially thank Daniel Butler from Bynum Fanyo and Tom
Wininger from Wininger Construction for working with the Bloomington
Highlands on this project, and a special thanks to Lisa Ridge and Jackie Nester
(among others) from the Monroe County Highway and Planning departments
for assisting us in this endeavor.

Community Sale Announcement

The HOA endorsed Community Sale originally scheduled in May and postponed to June 20th is officially cancelled, due to the continued social distancing recommendations and in the interest of promoting health and safety.  If individual homeowners choose to hold a sale it is at their own risk and responsibility, and it will not be endorsed or advertised by the HOA in any manner.

The HOA will still provide a community dumpster, for homeowner use only.  The currently scheduled date of arrival is during the day of Thursday, June 18th.  It will be pre-scheduled to be emptied on Monday, June 22nd, and will be emptied one more time if needed prior to removal.  (If the dates change due to scheduling the service, they will be updated here.

PLEASE, do not discard prohibited items, add items to the dumpster if it is already full, or leave items near the dumpster. Dumpster use will be monitored and we must have adherence in order to continue providing this service to the neighborhood. Your cooperation is appreciated!

dumpster pic

Community Trail and Common Area Access Information

The Highlands Subdivision Homeowners Association is asking that you please be respectful of our common areas and homeowner’s property when using our trails.  We have posted signs to help mark property lines and invite you to view the neighborhood map link on our home page.

Please note that Common Areas / Lots listed as 450 and 451 on the map are not contracted to be mowed by the HOA because of inability to safely access.

Junction of the HOA Path with Clear Creek Trail

(As seen from Clear Creek Trail)

HOA Trail Junction with Clear Creek Trail

View of Path to Access Boiling Farm Field Along Creek Creek Trail (This path has no outlet, dead end)



View of Wooded Area Behind Homes Along W. Hennessey (Lots 247-253 and Common Area 450 per Neighborhood Map) 





Important CCR Update

Dear Highlands Subdivision Homeowners,

The HOA Board has extended the voting for the updated CCR document
. We believe it is in the best interest of the HOA that this document is updated to meet current legal statutes.

Please complete your form (if you have yet to do so) and send to Tempo Properties. Instructions are on the voting form and should have arrived with the annual mailing packet in mid January 2020.

Thank you for your dedication to improving our neighborhood and for taking the time to complete the voting form.


The HOA Board of Directors

Existing CCRs can be found here:

Proposed CCRs can be found here:

If you did not receive a form to cast your vote, please follow the link here for a printable PDF version of the voting form.






Bear Hunt Challenge

How this works….place a teddy bear in a street facing window so that kids can see it as they walk the streets or ride their bikes and scooters this week.

Remember to keep a 6ft distance from others during your outdoor adventures!!

Please join your neighbors to make this a fun event for all families. Let’s see how many participants we can get involved. Are you up to the challenge?